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Camp Credit Appeals Process

Please note that refund appeals will NOT be accepted after September 1 each camp season.

All refund appeals require a signed letter of explanation, supporting documentation. You should state, as concisely and clearly as possible, the reason for this appeal. The appeal letter is limited to one page, and it must be written and signed by the parent. The letter should also include your current email and postal address so that we can notify you of the decision on the appeal.

We honor the confidentiality of all supporting documentation.

NOTE: THE APPEAL DECISION IS FINAL. It is essential to disclose all information, reasons for appeal, and all supporting documentation regarding your case in the initial appeal letter. Subsequent appeal letters providing new information, different reasons for appeal, or new supporting documentation are not eligible for review.

Required Documentation for the Most Common Appeals

  • Medical: For a medical problem, we require verification of the severity of the condition (verification of how the condition affects your ability to attend camp), not a detailed description of the condition itself. We require a letter, typed on official letterhead, from the physician or other personal healthcare provider. The letter must be signed and delivered/mailed in a sealed envelope. Emails or unsigned letters on plain stationary are not acceptable.
  • Death in the Immediate/Nuclear Family: We require a copy of death certificate (or verification of death from the hospital or attending physician), and the deceased's relation to the student.
How to Submit 
Mail to:
Refunds: Education Unlimited Summer Programs
1700 Shattuck Ave. #305 
Berkeley, CA 94709